With prices predicted to continue to rise over the coming years, businesses need to be extremely efficient with the purchasing of their energy supplies. Electricity, with its numerous different contracts is no exception.

Fully independent, Business Savings Experts have access to preferential rates, unattainable by individual businesses.

We help business electric consumers with the following:

Not only do we offer advice, procurement services and support management on all aspects of electricity supply, we also handle the tendering process, negotiations and paperwork on an on-going basis, ensuring our clients will never miss a renewal date.

In fact, on average, our clients enjoy a 23% saving on their energy bills. And what’s more, we make no charge for this service, with customers retaining 100% of all the savings realised.

Access to an extensive panel of suppliers
We only source electricity from reputable suppliers: British Gas, Dual Energy, DONG Energy, EDF, E.on, First Utility, Gaz de France, Gazprom, Haven Power, Hudson Energy, NPower, Opus, Scottish Power, Smartest Energy, SSE, Total.

Best rates available on the market
Our extensive client portfolio and the volume of energy that our specialists purchase, ensures that we have access to the best preferential rates in the marketplace.

Tendering processes

All clients are presented with a Quote Analysis at renewal, comparing current supplier rates against competitor rates.

Contract negotiation

Contract negotiations and all relevant paperwork are handled on the client’s behalf, leaving them free to concentrate on running their business.

New contracts set-up
Dedicated Support Managers ensure that there are no unnecessary delays, following the contract through from set-up to the start date.

Renewal contracts management avoiding expensive roll-over contracts
Too many businesses miss their termination dates and are rolled in to new contracts at excessively high rates. To start the review process and ensure that the termination notice is placed at the appropriate time, we will monitor the contract dates and ensure that you are contacted a minimum of 30 days prior to your termination date.

Smart Meters
Smart Meters can have a positive result on expenditure by identifying wastage and helping to reduce usage

Through our network we are able to put together an infrastructure solution and manage the project on your behalf from start to finish.

Meter Operator Agreements (MOPs)
It is a regulatory requirement that every HH metered site enter into a contract with a number of companies who will install and maintain your half hourly meter. They charge an annual fee for the service with charges varying from MOP to MOP (roughly £300-350 per year). Without an MOP agreement, suppliers will not be able to bill you for your usage accurately.

KVA ratings
Monitoring your KVA capacity to ensure that it is sufficient and assisting with the increase or reduction where required.

New and existing half-hourly meters
Assistance with installation of new Half-Hourly meters and advice where required.

New and existing non half-hourly meters
Assistance with installation of new non Half-Hourly meters from ‘03’ (smaller/more stable loads) to ‘08’ (larger usage with peaks).

Invoice Validation
Multiple sites can be difficult to control financially so we are able to offer invoice validation.

Green electricity
Through our supplier panel we are able to offer green electricity in our ongoing effort to help reduce carbon omissions.