Gas can be a complex market, with  many variables, such as your annual consumption and the location of your business, affecting the price you might pay.

The wide range of suppliers, offering slightly different deals and operating a number of different contracts, means finding the best rates in the market can be difficult, not to mention time consuming, and the wrong choice  could prove to be costly.

Business Savings Experts has built up strong relationships with the suppliers and has an expert understanding of the market. Our Support Managers can handle the entire process for you, guiding you through the contract minefield, ensuring that you’re paying a competitive rate for your gas supply and receiving the deal that most suits your needs.

The service is completely free and what’s more, you retain 100% of the savings.

We offer a complete support service for all aspects of a business’ gas supply:

New and existing meters
We are on hand to offer advice and assistance with installations or with existing meters.

Access to an extensive panel of suppliers 
Only reputable gas suppliers are on our supply chain: British Gas, CNG, Corona Energy, Crown Energy, DONG Energy, E.on, Gaz de France, Gazprom, NPower, Regent, SSE, Total.

 “Take-or-pay” clauses
Our negotiators will ensure that where a “Take-or-Pay” clause is included within a contract, the calculations are considered carefully to ensure that the consumption levels to be used are correct and any penalties are avoided.

AQ readings
Annual Quantity figures are often incorrectly stated and this can have a negative effect on the prices that suppliers can quote. Our Support Managers can handle AQ appeals on your behalf.

Fixed price contracts
Contracts can be fixed for 1, 2 or 3 years avoiding any increase in the market.

Flexible price contracts
Available for users of 3,000,000 kWh or more, Flexible price contracts allows the user to float a percentage of their annual consumption on the day ahead market.

Tendering processes 
Tendering for prices for your supply in the market to ensure that you receive the most competitive rate available.

Contract negotiations 
Our negotiators carry out all negotiations on your behalf and produce all the necessary paperwork leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

New contract set-ups
Once a new contract has been agreed our Support Manager will follow through any changeover of supply, if relevant, to ensure that there is a smooth transfer with regards billing and meter readings.

Renewal contracts management avoiding expensive roll-over contracts
Our Account Management team will ensure that terminations are placed on time avoiding expensive ‘out of contract’ or ‘deemed rates’ being applied.