With 50% of all accounts reviewed being incorrect, wouldn’t you benefit from a review of your water charges?

Water charges are complicated and vary from one water authority to another. Often a necessity, business and organisations see their water charges as a fixed and given cost. However, water authorities have consistently been found to be charging their commercial customers incorrectly, with water being fixed at too high a rate and not necessarily appropriate to the needs of the business.

A review of your water charges could mean:

Our team of specialists have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. A FREE, no obligation audit carried out by ourselves will quickly determine if your water costs are accurate and appropriate for your usage. A simple, four step process, an audit consists of:

Step 1: Analysis
Review and analysis of  historic charges and invoices paid by your business or organisation.

Step 2: Survey
An unobtrusive, full site / sites survey to ensure that the Water Authority has an accurate reflection of  how the business operates.

Step 3: Report
Full details of findings and recommendations of where costs / charges can be reduced and the likelihood of monies being recoverable from the supplier.

Step 4: Implementation
Undertaking of all work, including correction of charges and recovering any over payments, etc.

Designed to evaluate every aspect of your water costs, the results of the audit will determine if we can reduce costs and even recover monies already paid to your supplier. An evaluation typically covers:

  • Identification of possible leakage/shared supplied
  • Confirmation of correct meter sizing
  • Potential for water efficiency devices
  • Validation of surface water charges
  • Investigation of Trade Effluent charges
  • Tariff charges
  • Allowances
  • Overestimated billing
  • Duplicate billing and over charges
  • Investigation of fixed costs

Refunds of previously levied incorrect charges
Where we find incorrectly levied charges we will ensure the water authority adjust your accounts accordingly and where appropriate, previously paid bills are refunded.

Refunds backdated up to 6 years
We have had significant success in obtaining refunds for the statute of limitation period of 6 years and beyond.

Reduction in your future charges remain in place in perpetuity
Where we identify incorrect charges and adjust your charging structures to accurately reflect your business, the cost reductions will remain in place.