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Working With The Golf Industry Across The UK

Running a golf club in today’s market is an extremely costly business. Aside from the obvious operational costs, there’s the ongoing maintenance to be considered too. It’s no wonder then that clubs need to be ever mindful of spiralling costs. That’s where we can help. Working with industry specialists, we provide purchasing support for golf clubs across the UK.

Working with literally hundreds of clubs across the country, we have forged relationships with the best suppliers and service providers in the marketplace. As an independent consultancy, we work with a vast spectrum of suppliers, giving our clients a wide range of choice. Buying power of this magnitude means that individual clubs can enjoy cost savings across virtually every aspect of business. There’s no targets or minimum levels, just flexibility.

Simplifying Business

Business needn’t be complicated and we pride ourselves on working with clubs to help simplify the process. Our procurement team work in close partnership with clients to fully understand their needs, allow them to concentrate on delivering what their customers want. Comparing patters with other golf clubs in the area, we can provide information to help prepare annual budgets, cash flow and expenditure planning.

We add real value, create more profit and spending power for you by offering you:

  • Immediate access to the industry’s best and constantly monitored trading terms
  • Exclusive products and services
  • Access to special offers
  • Growing and comprehensive supplier list
  • Product development – guaranteed access to exclusive new products as they come to market
  • Reduced administration and centralised support

Our array of categories covers virtually every aspect of club house and golf course expenditure and clients simply choose which categories they want to use.

We add real value by 


Typical products and services within our portfolio are:

  • Nutrients - liquid and granular fertilisers
  • Seed
  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Sands, soils and topdressing
  • Golf course furniture
  • Ancillary chemicals
  • Fungicides
  • Aggregates
  • Turf
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