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Fully independent, we have access to preferential rates, unattainable by individual businesses. Not only do we offer advice, procurement services and support management on all aspects of electricity supply, we also handle the tendering process, negotiations and paperwork on an on-going basis, ensuring our clients will never miss a renewal date.

Sourcing from reputable suppliers, our extensive client portfolio and the volume of energy that our specialists purchase, ensures that we have access to the best preferential rates in the marketplace.

As part of our tendering process, we undertake a detailed analysis comparing current supplier rates against competitor rates.

Once a quote has been accepted, your dedicated Support Manager will handle all of the paperwork required and follow the contract through from set-up to the start date.

With our bespoke CRM system monitoring contract dates, your Support Manager will place termination notices at the appropriate time and will ensure that you are contacted well in advance of your termination date to present a quote analysis of the most suitable and competitive rates in the marketplace.

We add real value by 


Experienced in our field we also help businesses with:

  • Contract negotiation
  • New and existing non-hourly and half hourly meters
  • Smart Meters
  • Infrastructure
  • Meter Operator Agreements (MOPs)
  • KVA ratings
  • Invoice validation
  • Green electricity
We saved well over £10,000 and it took away the worry of getting this done ourselves. We could get on with brewing prize winning beers. Outsourcing is more than worthwhile.

JG – Managing Director