Staying Ahead

Gas can be a complex market with many variables, such as your annual consumption and the location of your business affecting the price you might pay. Couple this with a wide range of suppliers offering slightly different deals and operating a number of different contracts and the wrong choice could prove costly.

Experienced in our field, we have a firm understanding of the market and have, over time, built up strong relationships with an extensive panel of suppliers. Handling the entire process for you, we will guide you through the contract minefield ensuring that you’re paying a competitive rate for your gas supply and receiving the deal that most suits your needs.

Leave It To The Experts

Carrying out all negotiations on your behalf, we will produce all the necessary paperwork leaving you free to concentrate on your business. Once a contract has been set up your dedicated Support Manager will follow through any changeover of supply to ensure that there is a smooth transfer with regards to billing and meter readings both initially and ongoing.

On hand throughout the contract your Support Manager will also ensure that terminations are placed on time, avoiding expensive ‘out of contract’ or ‘deemed rates’ being applied.

We add real value by 


Our complete support service covers all aspects of a business' gas supply including:

  • Contract negotiation and set up
  • New and existing meters
  • 'Take-or-pay' clauses
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Flexible price contracts
  • Infrastructure and upgrading
  • Annual Quantity (AQ) appeals
  • Renewal contracts management
We had massive issues with our supplier but Business Savings Experts took on the account, sorted all the outstanding billing issues and then moved our gas and electric supplies to new suppliers and reduced our costs by over 22% and it didn’t cost us anything.

AK – Restaurant Owner