Are You Paying Too Much For Your Water Supply?

Water is often considered a necessary overhead that organisations have to contend with. Water charges are complicated and can vary significantly from one water authority to another. In April 2017, the UK water market was deregulated and all businesses with business premises are now free to choose their water supplier.

The deregulated water market is still in its infancy and the distributors charges until 2020 have already been logged with the government. Once deregulation settles then prices from 2020 are likely to show some reasonable savings, as happened when deregulation took place in Scotland in 2008.

All businesses pay the same wholesale price for water in their respective areas. However, each distributor or supplier charges a retail charge and this can vary across the industry so it is essential to identify the right supplier within your area. This is where we can help.

The benefits speak for themselves

  • Reduced bills and charges
  • Extensive panel of suppliers
  • Multi-site billing (if you have more than one property you’re classed as a multi-site)
  • One statement, one payment
  • Time and administration saving
  • Improved customer service

Water Audit

This is a separate service from our water review where we are obliged to charge a fee. This is based on a percentage of the savings and refunds obtained.

Historically, water authorities have consistently been found to be charging their commercial customers incorrectly, with water being fixed at too high a rate and not necessarily appropriate to the needs of the business.

A free, no obligation audit, carried out by ourselves, will quickly determine if your water costs are accurate and appropriate for your usage. A simple four step process, the audit is designed to evaluate every aspect of your water costs.

Quite simply, a review of your water charges could mean:

  • Refunds of previously levied incorrect charges
  • Refunds backdated up to 6 years
  • Reduction in your future charges (remains in place in perpetuity)

Where incorrect charges are identified, charging structures are adjusted with the newly implemented charges remaining in place.

We have had significant success in obtaining refunds for the statute of limitation period of 6 years and beyond.


We add real value by 


Talk To Us to Find Out How We Can Help. It's simple:

  • Step 1: Analysis
  • Step 2: Survey
  • Step 3: Report
  • Step 4: Implementation
  • Step 5: Refund for incorrect levied charges
  • Step 6: Refunds backdated up to 6 years
  • Step 7: Reduction in your future charges remain in place in perpetuity
I had met Business Savings Experts initially for a review of my water. I was at the time also locked into an energy contract that seemed impossible to break free of. When I realised I was in a seemingly impossible position I immediately contacted them for some help and advice. They were very diligent in their investigations and realised that I was being charged for items not in my contract and eventually managed to get me an exit from the onerous contract and indeed a small refund which was totally unexpected and well received. All of their work was completely without charge and I am delighted that they are now looking after my utility contracts going forward. I would thoroughly recommend Business Savings Experts to anyone.

PT – Care Home Owner