The Tides of Change

Water – we don’t really pay too much attention to it. As individuals we need it to survive and when it comes to business, it’s just one of the necessary overheads that organisations have to contend with. A fixed and given cost. Right? Wrong! As of April 2017, all businesses (with business premises) were free to choose their water supplier.

Change for the better

What has prompted this change? In 2008, the Scottish water market was deregulated and several new retailers joined the marketplace. Scottish Water continued to be the sole wholesaler with the new licenced providers buying water from them. Adding their own customised packages – simplified billing, improved customer services, etc, the new licensees then sold directly to Scottish businesses. The move meant that 130,000 businesses in Scotland were given the option to change supplier. Increased competition has meant that they have enjoyed cheaper prices and better billing. In fact, since the market was deregulated, supplier discounts have grown up to 25%. Until now, in the UK, only the largest users were given the opportunity to switch supplier. As in Scotland, the water supply will stay the same (although there may be the option to choose one supplier for your water and another for your waste water).  The meter readings, bills and customer services will then be handled by the new vendors. Keen to retain customers and attract new ones, the new vendors will probably offer more competitive pricing and businesses could soon be benefiting from:

  • Reduced bills and charges
  • Simpler bills and payments (one bill – great for businesses with multi sites)
  • Better value for money
  • Improved customer service

Available to businesses, charities and public sector organisations with qualifying premises, water will be sold in a similar way to gas and electricity, with wholesalers selling water services to licensed retailers. Increased competition will mean better rates and will give businesses the freedom to commission the retailer that best suits their needs. Over the next 4 – 6 weeks, suppliers will be coming to market with pricing, so now really is an ideal time to find out more. For specialist advice, talk to us – our team are at hand and ready to help. 

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