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  1. So, what’s the secret?

    How come you manage to keep so many of your customers? We recently renewed an energy contract for one of our long-standing clients and that was the question that the Relationship Manger fired at…

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  2. It’s got to be a con right?

    It’s got to be a con right? This has got to be one of the most common objections that we come across, on probably a weekly basis. As experienced Cost Reduction Specialists, we have…

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  3. Yes, we’ve just signed up our 100th School and Academy!

    Increasing cuts to the education system and rapidly rising costs – school funding continues to be a major issue in education. According to recent research published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies* overall school…

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  4. Is it worth locking in your energy tariffs?

    The weather, as you would imagine, can have an impact on energy prices and last year following a milder than normal November and a relatively mild December, was testament to this. However, whilst milder…

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  5. Have you ever stopped to think how much it costs to run your business?

    Do you really know how much you spend on your key business costs? Reducing overheads is one way to increase profits, but in today’s busy and challenging environment, this can prove costly in terms…

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  6. The Growing Financial Burden

    There’s no doubt that in today’s market there is a growing financial burden on businesses regardless of their size and juggling the needs of employees as well as the business can be prove to…

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