Mobile Device Management

Remote working, flexible hours, employees using their own devices in the workplace – the way we work has changed dramatically over recent years. It may be convenient but just how safe is it when employees connect to secure corporate networks with their own devices?

There’s no doubt, employers need to stay in control of their information, but they also need to be vigilant when it comes to security and privacy. Mobile Device Management Solutions or MDM is software that allows companies to monitor, manage and secure employees mobile devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets), mobile apps, data and the network with a single mobile device software product.

How do businesses benefit from MDM?

As Cost Reduction Specialists, the way that we work with businesses has also changed considerably over the years, with the fastest evolving sector for us being communications. Increasing numbers of employees are remote working and the fast-growing adoption of smartphones and tablets has led to a culture of ‘business on the move’.

But, as our clients working practices evolve they are finding themselves increasingly concerned with security and potential data breaches. According to the National Office of Statistics, last year, nearly half a million people in the UK had their mobile phone stolen. Recovering from a data breach is expensive for business and many of our SMEs are seeing the value of an MDM solution. Essential to the running of their business, it allows them to take control of their confidential business information and guarantee the safety of sensitive intelligence.

Quite simply, an MDM solution doesn’t just give you peace of mind, it also enables business to:

      • Stay secure
        Ensures that company information is safe and identifies threats such as jailbroken devices*
      • Track lost devices
        Identification mapping system ensures that valuable business devices can be located
      • Stay in control
        Round the clock visibility off all devices ensures security risks are minimised
      • Remotely wipe devices
        Confidential data stored on devices that are owned by ex-employees, have been lost or stolen or no longer in use can be remotely wiped
      • Keep in contact
        Communicate with remote employees at the click of a button

As with any new process adoption, MDM will only benefit a business if it’s implemented properly and we would recommend researching it fully before employing it. As an independent consultancy, we are committed to helping our clients across all sectors of their business. If you would like more information on MDM and how your company could benefit from it, or, if you feel it’s time for a business Health Check, just get in touch, we’re always available:

Tel: 0333 313 0090

*devices that have had all restrictions removed