Keeping an Eye on Costs

Whatever industry you’re in, the pressure of running a business: keeping on top of the everyday running costs, juggling the needs of your customers, as well as your employees, is time-consuming and can prove costly. But none more so than the care sector. Especially in light of the recent Covid pandemic.

Understandably with focus elsewhere, areas where savings can be made, and costs consolidated are often overlooked. As a care provider, with attention very much on your residents, it’s not always easy to find time to review the essential expenditure, such as:


These areas are pivotal to the business. Add to this the reality of running multiple facilities and you’re faced with a whole new set of headaches. Different supplier contracts, varying billing and renewal dates, can make renewals easy to miss. Whilst understandable, it can be a costly mistake.

Witnessing first-hand the severe pressures that care providers are under led us to expand our services and we actively work with a number of businesses in the care sector, who have either been mis-sold to or are simply unaware of the pitfalls.

Taking up the Mantle

Here’s how we helped one particular home.

Providing 24-hour care for a large number of residents, their service usage was understandably high. Although we were initially engaged to conduct a water review, they were aware that we specialised in reducing business costs across a number of essential areas. They had originally signed a four-year contract for their energy supplies. However, just one year in, they were approached by a company, offering to reduce their contract rates and subsequently make large savings.

Whilst it might have sounded like a sound business decision, in reality, it was far from the case. Happy to take up the case on their behalf, we carried out a full audit in a bid to investigate the discrepancies and ascertain how they had come about.

As well as a number of omissions, we also identified a series of charges that hadn’t been listed in the contract, which although justified when challenged, had been implemented on the wrong date. We were able to extricate them from the contract and negotiate an exit strategy, as well as a refund payment for our client on the overcharging.

Being released early from the contract and not having to pay the additional rates resulted in thousands of pounds worth of savings.

The Owner of the home stated:

I had met Business Savings Experts initially for a review of my water but then realised that I was now in a seemingly impossible position with my energy contracts and immediately contacted them for some help and advice. They were very diligent in their investigations and realised that I was being charged for items not in my contract and eventually managed to get me an exit from the onerous contract and indeed a refund which was totally unexpected and well received. All of their work was completely without charge, and I am delighted that they are now looking after all my utility contracts going forward

On hand to make sure that you get the most out of your supply chain, it is our mission to drive down or, at least, minimise costs on essential spend and make your business as profitable as possible.